For latest official version:

$ pip install --user g


$ pip install --user --upgrade g

Developmental releases#

New versions of g are published to PyPI as alpha, beta, or release candidates. In their versions you will see notfication like a1, b1, and rc1, respectively. 1.10.0b4 would mean the 4th beta release of 1.10.0 before general availability.

  • pip:

    $ pip install --user --upgrade --pre g
  • pipx:

    $ pipx install --suffix=@next 'g' --pip-args '\--pre' --force

    Then use g@next sync [config]....

via trunk (can break easily):

  • pip:

    $ pip install --user -e git+https://github.com/vcs-python/g.git#egg=g
  • pipx:

    $ pipx install --suffix=@master 'g @ git+https://github.com/vcs-python/[email protected]' --force